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Entrepreneurship Week in Nebraska

Well, we made it. After a full year of preparations, Marketplace ( has finally arrived. We have reached our goal of 500 registered participants. And so, on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 the Center for Rural Affairs will host the first of its kind in Nebraska entrepreneurship event in Kearney.

Community Development Discussion Guides

The Center recently released the first two Community Development Discussion Guides. This marks the beginning of a new series of Center publications. These guides are tools to use in working with your community in asking the right questions.

The discussion guides consist of two parts. One is a list of questions on such subjects as volunteer recruitment, leadership, agricultural involvement, beautification, history, rural culture, schools, churches, hospitals, youth, and others. The other part is a facilitator’s manual to empower community leaders to help with the discussions.

Completing the Rural Community Development Puzzle

For a puzzle to be complete, every piece must be in place. Community development is a process that requires multiple pieces, and economic development is but one. Many people equate economic development with community development, but the two are distinctly different. In terms of logic, community development is not a part of economic development, but economic development is a part of community development.

Download a PDF of the complete guide below.

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