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Recent posts by Brian Depew

What is a Loophole Anyway?

Here at the Center we talk a lot about closing loopholes in current Farm Bill programs. Just this week we said:

The new [EWG] data illustrates how the nation's largest farms exploit loopholes to exceed the limits on farm program payments. It's time for Congress to close loopholes, make the paper limits real and stop subsidizing mega farms to drive their neighbors out of business.

But we might not always do the best job of explaining exactly what these loopholes are.

Reaching for the Finish

Almost a month ago now, I told you that the Center was in the very beginning stages of a campaign to raise $15,000 by May 15th. At the time I wrote:

You may have noticed. We're trying to raise $15,000 in individual donations by May 15th. That might be pocket change for some of the larger non-profits that raise money online, but at the Center for Rural Affairs that is real money.