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Back at it in the Senate

The Senate is back to debating the Farm Bill.

Act for Farm Bill Reform on the Senate Floor

We expect the full Senate to take up the farm bill early next week. When they do, all 100 Senators will vote on the central issue of farm bill reform -- ending unlimited farm subsidies payments. The entire farm bill debate is in its final stages, and we expect the vote for REAL reform to be close.

Like the widely denounced House bill, the bill being sent to the Senate floor by the Senate Agriculture Committee includes phony reform that continues multi-million dollar payments to the nation's largest farms.

Blogging the Bill

Dan's doing a wonderful job live-blogging this debate, but I would understand if you get tired of just listening to him (lord knows we do in the office).

Luckily for us, some other folks are also covering the progression of the farm bill through the Senate. More Deliberate Every Day is covering the debate with regular farm bill round-ups. There is the ever-fresh Ethicurean that hardly lets a farm bill reform moment slip them by.

A Deal With the Devil

We issued the following news release about two hours ago.

Center for Rural Affairs Rejects Senate Payment Limits Agreement

Live Blogging the Senate Negotiations

We're not really live-blogging anything, but it sure feels like it. There is a lot of new information flying around about the battle for payment limits reform in the Senate, so here is a bit of a news round-up of what we know in addition to the earlier post.

From the CQ Midday Update:

Senate Committee Leaders Close Ranks on New Farm Bill