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Consolidated Schools Lower Participation in After School Activities

Report finds that long bus rides mean less involvement in extra-curricular activities for rural school children in consolidated schools

Public education is available to all children across the United States. The quality of that education can vary from state to state and community to community. In rural areas, many differences are apparent.

Yet many rural schools face the same problems: distances between home and school, lack of appropriate state funding, lack of teachers and professional staff with advanced degrees, lack of preschool and early interventions to those needing special services, and poverty among rural students.

NIFA Financing for Beginning Farmers

For over 20 years, the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority has helped beginning farmers in the state access agricultural loans at reduced interest rates

Since the early 80’s the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) has been assisting agricultural Nebraska with its Beginning Farmer/Rancher Program. Not to be confused with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s program by the same name (a tax credit rental program), NIFA’s program is for purchase of agricultural real and personal property.

Agricultural Purpose Only

More Resources for Beginning Farmers

Three organizations are responsible for most of the beginning farmer work done in Nebraska: the University of Nebraska, the State Department of Agriculture, and the Center for Rural Affairs. The Center created Land Link in the 1990’s, and we have been linking new beginners with those looking to pass on their land to eager and willing new faces ever since.

Winds of Life Project Evolves to “Talent across Nebraska Showcase”

This month we share Haiku poetry from a Lyons resident who remembers windmills from his youth on a Nebraska ranch

Spring is the time when new life is all around us, from the births of farm animals to the sprouting green from the earth and trees to the bouquets of flowers that dot our horizons. Spring in rural America is a time of joy and renewed hope – a time for individual and community revitalization.

The Winds of Life – Windmills Across Nebraska project has evolved into a “talent across Nebraska” project. Amazing ideas are the manifestations of creative citizens in communities from the Sandhills to Eastern Nebraska.

Online at the Center for Rural Affairs

The Center unveiled a new website in early March. The new site features improved navigation and fresh content. We are also using new software to manage the site, and we are redoubling our efforts to deliver relevant online content in an easy to use format.

Visit the site at, and let us know what you think. Whether you are a regular user, or a first time visitor, your feedback will help us build a more effective website.