Transmission Essential to Connect Renewables

After three rounds of public meetings, an interstate transmission project is seeking final approval in Illinois.
Earlier this month, Clean Line Energy partners filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) for a certificate of public need and convenience for their Grain Belt Express transmission project. The proposed project is one of several transmission lines that has the potential to connect wind energy generated in the Midwest to eastern markets.
Transmission infrastructure is a key part of renewable energy development, linking new wind energy sources to the larger electric grid where more customers can purchase the clean and renewable power. But as we build out transmission to connect renewable energy, we also have to assess the process and methods we use to construct these projects, and that requires community members to get involved.
It’s important that we continue to seek new and better ways to develop our transmission infrastructure, using insight from landowners and communities to improve the way the process works, and find the best path forward for a renewable energy future.
The ICC will weigh the costs and benefits of the project, and render a final decision for the Grain Belt Express project in six to eight months. You can view the details of the filing and comment on the project here:

For more information on new transmission projects in the Midwest, visit the Center for Rural Affairs’ Clean Energy Transmission Map