Talking About Nebraska’s Energy Future - Community Conversation to be held in Valentine, Nebraska

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Center for Rural Affairs (402) 687-2100


Lyons, Nebraska - On Thursday, October 27th the Center for Rural Affairs will host a community discussion on practical, commonsense ideas that provide Nebraska communities with more opportunities in our state’s energy future.

The event is free and open to the public. The discussion will focus on topics relating to our current power system in Nebraska, including renewable energy, infrastructure, and energy efficiency. Everyone attending is encouraged to bring their own ideas as well. The Community Conversation will kick off with a panel of featured participants, and then the floor will be open for group conversations.
WHAT:          Community Conversation on Nebraska’s Energy Future
WHEN:         Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:00-8:00 pm CST
WHERE:       Peppermill Restaurant, 502 US-20, Valentine, NE 69201
(Refreshments Served)

“This is an important time to share your questions, ideas, and thoughts about Nebraska’s energy future,” said Jordan Rasmussen with the Center for Rural Affairs. “Right now the Nebraska Energy Office, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, and our Public Power Districts are hard at work planning for Nebraska's energy future. They have been tasked with putting together a comprehensive State Energy Plan that looks at the cost of fuel, future customer growth, where we currently get our power from, future generation options, and environmental regulations. The final plan will likely include recommendations for future energy investments and other decisions regarding our public power system.”
According to Rasmussen, the Community Conversation will offer an opportunity for local residents to continue recent conversations about local renewable energy projects and discuss a variety of decisions that will impact the energy future of rural communities in the area. 
“These decisions will affect all Nebraskans. This means we all should have a say when it comes to the decisions involved in keeping our lights on,” continued Rasmussen. “At the same time, Nebraska’s Public Power system is unique. Nebraska has the only publicly owned state run electric utility system in the nation. Customer-owners from around the state deserve to be a part of developing a state energy plan, and to weigh in on the priorities of our state and Public Power Districts.”