Stand Opposed to Packer Ownership of Livestock in Nebraska

They’re at it again, big meatpacking companies want to drive independent farmers out of hog production. LB 176 would lift Nebraska’s prohibition on packer ownership of hogs. And you can bet your last dollar they’ll come after cattle next.

The bill has been prioritized by Senator Schilz, and it will be on the agenda today. We beat them last year, and we will need your voice to beat them again!

Can you lend your voice to help us defeat this bill? Here is how you can help:

Call your Senator! Let them know you stand with family farmers in opposition to packer ownership of livestock. Let them know you are opposed to LB 176 and that farmers should own hogs, not packers!  

Find your Senator's information here:

Let us know if you call -- You can email me at or call me at 402-687-2100.

In solidarity for family farmers! 


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