KETA Project


A map of the project from ITC, the developers of the project.

Stated Purpose:

Part of the Southwest Power Pool Transmission Expansion Plan, this proposed 345 kV line is designed to improve reliability and efficiency, while helping to export wind energy and keep electricity rates low.

Line Capacity:

345 kV

Route Description:

The transmission line will run 225 miles from Spearville, Kansas to Axtell, Nebraska. It will be constructed in three different segments: Spearville to the Post Rock substation (89 miles), Hays to the Kansas-Nebraska border (85 miles), and from the Kansas-Nebraska border to Axtell (51 miles).

ITC will build the first two segments of the line, and the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is responsible for the third segment which will run from a substation near Axtell, east toward Minden and then south to the Nebraska/Kansas state border at a location generally halfway between Franklin and Riverton. The V-Plan, a new line also being built by ITC Great Plains and intended to open up portions of Kansas to increased wind development, will connect to this project.

Development Timeline:

All three segements of this line have been placed in service as of December 2012, six months ahead of schedule.

Regulatory Process:

The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) approved the route for the first segment of the transmission line in July 2009 and the second segment was approved on June 30, 2010.


ITC Great Plains

Community Feedback:

This line hasn't received the media attention of others included in this database, and community feedback has been minimal. Politicians and others are on record as lauding this project as a catalyst to wind development. Many throughout the region have been pressing for new wind projects, and this line seems to represent movement in that direction.

Significantly, this project and others throughout the SPP region have drawn the ire of many ratepayers. SPP cost allocation rules indicate that each development will be paid for by electricity users throughout the region. Since many will not benefit - or will benefit in difficult to quantify ways - there is strong opposition to any build-out.

Clean Energy Potential:

Politicians and others have lauded this project as a catalyst to wind development, with both Kansas and Nebraska having tremendous wind resources. Many throughout the region have been pressing for new wind projects, and this line seems to represent movement in that direction. According to ITC Great Plains officials, almost 3,000 MW of wind generation that is proposed for interconnection near this project will benefit. However, the project has officially been deemed "generation neutral" meaning that all sources of generation will have access.

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Your Thoughts:

We all know that clean energy transmission is vitally important to our energy future. It brings economic opportunity to rural areas, enables wind development and improves the reliability of your grid. But to build it properly - to create projects that work best for you and your community - requires your knowledge and participation. That's why we've created this database.

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