Rose Hill - Sooner

A map of the approved route is available here.

Stated Purpose:

Like many, this line is being built in order to improve reliability within the relevant region. As part of a Southwest Power Pool transmission service request, this line is also intended to enable economic transfers between generating units. Enhanced transfer capability will allow for more diversity in an energy portfolio, often times leading to lower rates for affected customers.

Line Capacity:

345 kV

Route Description:

This line features two distinct but connected segments. The first will begin at the Rose Hill Substation near Wichita and runs 49 miles to the Oklahoma border. This segment will be developed by Westar Energy. The majority of the Kansas section will follow already existing transmission line paths. The second will continue another 47 miles to the Sooner Substation near Red Rock. This portion will be developed by Oklahoma Gas and Electric.

Development Timeline:

Land surveys, permitting, and land acquisition all began in 2009. The construction process was started in 2011 and completed in May of 2012.

Regulatory Process:

The state commission must first determine that the line is both necessary and reasonable. This is achieved in Kansas by requesting a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, where the Kansas Corporation Commission is given 180 days to approve or deny a request. Following this the proposed route must be approved. This is achieved by filing an application under the Kansas Electric Transmission Siting Act.

Both requests have been approved.


Westar Energy

Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Community Feedback:

Complaints related to this project revolve around siting issues. Many landowners and communities are concerned about having large transmission lines near residences. Several alternative locations were explored during the routing phase, though the original route was preferred by the majority of residents.

Clean Energy Potential:

While the primary purpose of this line is to increase the generation sources at the disposal of each utility involved, little to no mention has been made of renewable energy. This is despite the fact that the project is being built in an area of wind abundance.

News Archive:

$74.5 million transmission project is completed May 21, 2012

Phase two of new, high capacity transmission line complete September 1, 2010

Your Thoughts:

We all know that clean energy transmission is vitally important to our energy future. It brings economic opportunity to rural areas, enables wind development and improves the reliability of your grid. But to build it properly - to create projects that work best for you and your community - requires your knowledge and participation. That's why we've created this database.

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