Rock Island Clean Line

Map of the study corridor for the project. Detailed maps for Iowa and Illinois can be found here.

Stated Purpose:

This line is intended to deliver 3,500 megawatts of renewable energy from Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota to Illinois and other eastern states that have a high demand for reliable and affordable clean energy.

Rock Island is unique in that the line will be paid for by renewable energy operators and utilities who buy capacity--it will be paid for in much the same way as a toll road. Clean Line is able to go forward with this approach by employing HVDC technology, opposed to the AC technology typically used. HVDC is high efficiency, limiting load loss and minimizing the amount of space required for transmission infrastructure by using smaller towers that require a narrow right-of-way.

Line Capacity:

3,500 MW

Route Description:

The line will begin in north central O'Brien County, Iowa and end in at a Commonwealth Edison substation in Grundy County, Illinois, where it will connect to the PJM Interconnection. This includes 8.9 miles through Rock Island County, starting at the Mississippi River south of Cordova; 8 miles in Whiteside County between Hillsdale and Erie; and 14.5 miles through Henry County north of Hooppole. Portions of the preferred route will parallel Highway 52 through La Salle County. The alternate route includes a 18.1 mile segment through Henry County.

Alternative route corridors were identified for the Illinois portion of the line in late 2011. Meetings have been held with affected landowners along the proposed routes. Those in nearby communities are encouraged to comment. Though the original plan was to find a route along the preexisting Rock Island Railroad, impediments have forced Clean Line to consider other nearby options.

Development Timeline:

Clean Line Energy has spent almost three years developing a preferred route, which was submitted to the Illinois Commerce Commission in October of 2012. The Iowa route will be submitted for approval in 2013.

Between 2010 and 2013, Clean Line is reaching out to landowners and communities within the proposed study corridor. During this time they are also seeking regulatory approval, permitting, and siting the route. They will also begin land acquisition once a route has been approved.

Clean Line applied to the Illinois Commerce Commission during autumn of 2012 for public utility status and approval to construct. This application will also include a primary and alternate route. Clean Line will not seek eminent domain at this time. A similar application will be filed in Iowa during 2013.

Clean Line will then secure customers and finalize land acquisition between 2013 and 2014, and Clean Line will file a petition for a franchise from the Utilities Board in 2014, likely prior to June.

Construction of the line is scheduled to take place between 2014 and 2016. Click here or here for a video simulation of the construction process.

Regulatory Process:

Clean Line will seek an electric transmission franchise from the Iowa Utilities Board, as well as both status as a public utility and a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the Illinois Commerce Commission.

The regulatory process begins by determining a study area. This is followed by the development of study corridors and an analysis of river crossings. Study corridors are typically three to ten miles wide. From there the proposed area is then narrowed further to establish a route corridor, which is typically only one half a mile wide. The final route will be no wider than 200 feet.

The next step is to host informational meetings with the Iowa Utilities Board and the Illinois Commerce Commission. From there Clean Line will submit a chosen route to the relevant agency for approval.

In November of 2011 Clean Line filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) seeking permission to sell capacity at negotiated rates. In this application Clean Line sought a preference for renewable energy generation in the open season process, allowing the company to consider this criteria when evaluating potential customers. Because this is an interstate power line, FERC will oversee the rates charged and ensure that the line is operated on a non-discriminatory basis.  Approval will allow Clean Line to negotiate rates with those who wish to use the Rock Island line to transport power and to pre-subscribe 75% of planned capacity.

As of May 22 2012, FERC conditionally authorized Rock Island to charge negotiated rates for transmission rights on the Project and grants in part and denies in part Rock Island’s request for waiver. As a result, Clean Line is now allowed to sell up to 75% of line capacity to anchor tenant customers though the company is not allowed to give preferential treatment to generators of renewable energy. In effect, this move provides assurance to potential lenders that future revenue will adequately allow for repayment of any financing. The remaining capacity will be available to other customers through the "open season" bid process.

In October 2012 Clean Line formally asked the Illinois Commerce Commission for public utility status and approval to construct. Included are both a preferred and alternate route; the planned route covers 120 miles in Illinois. The ICC will make their decision within an 18 month period. This application does not request permission to use eminent domain. In early November 2014, Clean Line filed with the Iowa Utilities Board for the right to build the Rock Island line.

Additional permits will also be needed from other federal, state, and local government bodies.

To date, approval has not been granted by the Iowa Utilities Board, but the Illinois Commerce Commission provided conditional approval for the project in November 2014. In December 2016, Clean Line withdrew its application from the IUB as they awaited a legal decision on Rock Island's approval in Illinois.


Clean Line Energy

Community Feedback:

Clean Line is making a significant effort to engage with and receive feedback from landowners and community leaders who could potentially be impacted by the new transmission line. As of May 2012 Clean Line has conducted more than 600 one-on-one meetings with stakeholders, hosted 33 open-house meetings in which over 40,000 landowners were invited to submit feedback and held a number of additional meetings throughout Illinois to introduce this project to local businesses and contractors. Many of these go far beyond the scope of what is legally required, such as speaking at economic development events and holding sessions with numerous local government officials.

They are also embarking on a public information campaign designed to highlight the project's benefits. For example, Clean Line estimates that this line will reduce electricity costs in Illinois by $320 million over the first year. Clean Line also plans to invest over $600 million in Illinois during construction; most of this will go to workers to build the line and manufacturers to produce the materials necessary for project completion.

Nonetheless, some landowners remain concerned about potential negative effects from the line. This opposition is most palpable throughout eastern Illinois, in Bureau and La Salle counties. Much of this concern revolves around Clean Line requesting utility status in Illinois, which would theoretically allow them to use eminent domain for this project. Clean Line is a private company, not public, leading some residents to wonder why they'd qualify for eminent domain status in the first place. Clean Line has since pledged to avoid eminent domain if at all possible.

Landowners express concern over how their property values will be impacted, the agricultural impact of the line, sensitive natural areas, and the idea that wind energy will be transported east instead of used in the regions that provide it. Others are upset that this project will take agricultural land out of production, or interfere with crop dusting techniques and center pivot irrigation--possibly decreasing yields. The Illinois Farm Bureau formally opposes the project for these reasons. However, though 3,000 acres of easements in Illinois will be purchased, the total amount of land that will be taken out of production is only 12 acres. This is because Clean Line intends to use monopole structures, allowing farmers to easily work around them. There are also concerns that the benefit of the line does not justify the cost, and that the benefits will not be localized.

Clean Line has taken significant steps to address these concerns by working closely with the Illinois Department of Agriculture. This work has led to an ag mitigation plan for the project. The ag mitigation plan will ensure that the line avoids interference with pivot irrigation, runs along fields as much as possible - opposed to through fields - and ensures that farmers will be able to farm the vast majority of land taken up by the easement.

The fact that the high voltage direct current (HVDC) line will not be able to add any additional "on-ramps" or "off-ramps" brings disappointment to smaller wind turbine developers and owners who would have hoped to connect their projects to the Rock Island Clean Line.

Other landowners express concern based on their past experiences with utilities developing projects throughout their communities. For instance, in La Salle and Bureau counties, landowners remember previous energy developments that resulted in heavy construction and damage to local roads and farms. This has led the La Salle County Board to send a resolution to the Illinois Commerce Commission requesting an independent study analyzing the impact high-voltage power lines can have on a rural community. A local school board that is in the project area stated opposition to the project, citing concerns over a potential drop in property values and the possibility of Clean Line using eminent domain. There have also been questions raised about the easement agreements offered by Clean Line, calling them too vague in some areas while being too specific in others.

Some of these landowners, along with other community members, have organized into opposition groups. One example is Block RICL, an Illinois group opposed to the project.

Many counties stand to benefit financially, and this may make a difference with respect to public perception of the project. Each Iowa county will receive $7,000 per mile of line per year. Counties under consideration include O'Brien, Cherokee, Clay, Buena Vista, Hancock, Franklin, Webster, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Palo Alto, Kossuth, Wright, Hamilton, Hardin and Marshall in Iowa. Clean Line is now working with Illinois counties to institute a similar policy. This money will be not only be used by the county, but also distributed to individually impacted townships.

Also impacting the local economy will be the payments made to landowners in exchange for easements. Each landowner will be paid between $150,000 to $200,000 per mile of land impacted. This is true despite the fact that the structure occupies only one percent of the entire parcel covered by the easement. The rest will be available for crop production. In an effort toward fair compensation, Clean Line is offering up to 100% in excess of current land prices.

Clean Line is attempting to use local supplies, contractors, service providers and labor wherever possible. Over 1,400 construction jobs will be made available in Illinois during the three year project period. Over 1,450 jobs will be created in Illinois as a result of an agreement with a local company to supply the overhead transmission cable for this project. The company has hosted open house meetings, along with Kiewit, in order to allow local businesses a chance to play a role in this project. Specifically, Clean Line is looking for concrete suppliers, construction equipment rental firms, and contractors for clearing brush and cleaning corridors, surveying, flagging, trucking, grading, storm drainage, catering, restaurants, and hotel operators. Click here to view more.

The Iowa Utilities Board and Clean Line held several information hearings in late August of 2013, to discuss the preferred route and present landowners with their legal rights in relation to the project. Some in attendance were concerned that they were not receiving all the facts about the project, and about various issues ranging from health effects of such projects and the effect of the line on irrigation. Clean Line also handed out landowner compensation information, estimating landowners would receive a $6,000 lump sum for a monopole or lattice structure, with the average landowner estimated to receive a total of $82,000 from the lump sum payments. Landowners also have the option of receiving annual payments of about $500. Four-legged structures would warrant of lump sum of $18,000, or annual payments of $1,500. More meetings were held in September and October of 2013 in Illinois, with the Illinois Commerce Commission gathering public feedback on the project before approving or denying Clean Line's application for public utility status in the state. The IUB and Clean Line will hold a second round of hearings in Iowa in November and December of 2013, focusing on central and eastern Iowa. In Iowa, Clean Line must complete these hearings in order to legally begin negotiations with affected landowners.

At a local town hall with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) several Iowa residents brought up the project, asking if he was familiar with the project. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and his Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds had a similar experience, with Governor Branstad vowing that the voices of Iowans would be heard when it came to the project. Several legislators noted that the process should be in the hands of the Iowa Utilities Board. The board of supervisors for Palo Alto, IA voted to withdraw their support for the project in late August, preferring to remain neutral on the line given the issues raised by landowners over the project. In an October meeting, the board of supervisors for Clay County, IA made the same move, removing support and choosing to become neutral in relation to the project. Opponents of the project have asked other county boards to also withdraw their support for the project.

Landowners in O'Brien county, IA are seeking to combine their efforts to bargain with Clean Line on easements, seeking to get the best outcome for landowners. Clean Line has also agreed to offer different payment methods for easements, providing landowners with the choice to take the traditional one time payment, or to receive annual payments similar to the ones that wind farm developers offer. In addition, Clean Line is including a cost of living increase for easement agreements.

The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance--a group opposed to the line--has voiced concern over the Rock Island project because of the potential of Clean Line to use eminent domain, and also claim that the project is unnecessary. Alternatively, Craig Lang of the Windward Iowa has written in support of the project, citing the benefits to wind energy development in the state.

The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation reaffirmed their support for the line in mid-September 2013, citing that the project is needed to improve infrastructure that supports wind energy development. An Iowa coalition that supports increased wind energy development in the state. The group--Windward Iowa--also supports increased transmission development as an essential part of new renewable development. The president of the Illinois Farm Bureau authored a letter asking for a more considerate and balanced approach when transmission developers interact with agricultural operations. At a September meeting, he also stated that their opposition to the line arises from uncertainty about the lines need, the use of lattice structures, the possibility of Clean Line receiving public utility status, and that the line doesn't follow road corridors.

A conflict with a wind farm currently under construction in O'Brien County, IA required Clean Line to review their proposed route that had been submitted to the IUB in July 2013. After submitting changes to their original route in O'Brien County, Clean Line held additional land owner meetings in December 2013 to inform landowners.

In January 2014, several Iowa state lawmakers proposed changes to Iowa's eminent domain laws, focused on removing the ability of private developers to use eminent domain and to require utilities developing transmission in the state to provide a significant portion of the transmitted energy to Iowans.

A proposed amendment currently in committee in the Iowa statehouse would change requirements for transmission projects in the state of Iowa. The amendment would require that if the line is opposed by 5% of affected landowners the developer of the project must submit a second alternate route to the IUB. The IUB would also have to evaluate the need for the line and the impact it would have on the public as well. The legislation would also require that if at least 250 residents from counties the project would run through sign a petition opposing the line, the IUB would give each of them time equal to the developer in hearings. One lawmaker also criticized the project for wanting to apply for eminent domain powers, saying that such powers should not be granted to a private, out-of-state entity.

In June 2014, Clean Line plans to hold several public meetings in Iowa that they are calling 'office hour meetings'. The public is invited to attend these meetings and talk to Clean Line about the project, as well as share their concerns. The meetings will cover three weeks in June, and will be held from 12 pm to 6 pm in several communities across Iowa. In February 2015, the Illinois Landowners Alliance has filed an appeal to overturn the ICCs approval of the project, claiming their decision would harm property rights and the livelihoods of landowners.

Clean Energy Potential:

This project has the potential to carry 3,500 megawatts of renewable energy, and will likely make possible more than 4,000 megawatts of new renewable energy projects which otherwise could not be developed due to limitations of the existing electric transmission grid. Clean Line estimates that up to 2,000 wind turbines will be needed to meet expected capacity, and that the project will create 5,000 construction and 500 permanent jobs. Each will be located within a 100 mile radius of Center Township in O'Brien County, Iowa. In total, $7 billion of new wind energy projects will be enabled by this project. The Economic Development director of O'Brien County sees the project as the first in what could be multiple projects relating to renewable energy that could spring up in the county. Morris Community High School District 101 in Grundy County, Illinois would receive $1.775 million from Clean Line for a substation that would be placed in the county.

Clean Line points out that 4,000 megawatts is 40% of the wind energy that was installed throughout the country in 2009 alone, which was an all-time record for the wind industry.

A recent study by Illinois State University found that wind energy in Illinois supports local economies by generating $22.2 million in annual property taxes, and supports nearly 600 permanent jobs and over 1,300 construction jobs. Rural leaders, such as the mayor of Marcus, Iowa; are expecting much of this stimulus to impact the economy of the area.

A manufacturer located in South Sioux City, NE could see up to $20 million from the project, as they are contracted to construct some of the towers that will be used in the construction of the Rock Island project. The plant currently has about 450 employees, with 250 jobs being created at the plant due to the project. The economic benefit could extend further into Iowa and neighboring states, as a steel plant in Norfolk, NE could provide materials for the towers.

The project sparked interest in one group to propose a 1 gigawatt, 500 turbine community wind project in South Dakota. According to Dakota Power Community Wind, a project of this size could bring 70 permanent jobs and create over 1,000 construction jobs, along with direct investment in local economies.

Fact Sheet:

Rock Island Clean Line Fact Sheet

Docket Filing:

Illinois Project Filing

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Clean Line Energy Chooses Iowa August 2, 2012

Opponents to Rock Island Clean Line organizing August 1, 2012

Rock Island Clean Line meeting July 29, 2012

Clean Line Obtains Regulatory Approval July 19, 2012

Counties could benefit from transmission line July 18, 2012

Exporting wind is good for Iowa June 24, 2012

Rock Island Clean Line Powers Through June 19, 2012

Clean Line in Bureau County June 18, 2012

Power prices
 do not justify new energy line June 18, 2012

CEO: Clean Line gets green light, will wait to sell capacity on Rock Island May 24, 2012

Rock Island Transmission Line Receives FERC Approval May 24, 2012

Regional city reps learn about wind energy May 18, 2012

Energy transmission line to mean money for Grundy County May 11, 2012

Clean Line eyes rural Channahon for electricity converter May 8, 2012

Renewable sources of power survive, but in a patchwork April 10, 2012

Clean Line Energy status hearing postponed March 29, 2012

Company trying to set energy pathway through Northern Illinois March 28, 2012

A win-wind situation for Grundy County March 17, 2012

Proposed clean energy transmission line could mean future jobs for Flora Southwire March 7, 2012

Gov. Quinn agreement to create 1,450 jobs, boost wind manufacturing in IL March 6, 2012

City leaders hope industrial park's first tenant will lure similar businesses February 14, 2012

Wind company proposes plan for Northwest Iowa January 23, 2012

Update on big power line proposed for Iowa January 19, 2012

Grundy County prepares to set up its second EDPA zone January 17, 2012

Iowa wind energy converter station site selected December 10, 2011

Henry County considered for high-voltage lines December 9, 2011

Clean Line holds public meeting in Grundy County December 8, 2011

Residents against 'green' power line December 8, 2011

Transmission line gets route alternatives December 7, 2011

New transmission line would ease Iowa bottleneck December 5, 2011

Rock Island power line encounters delay, but it's coming: backers November 30, 2011

Businesses invited to power project open house November 28, 2011

Rock Island Clean Line seeks negotiated rate authority November 9, 2011

Big power line project proposed to transport Iowa wind energy October 19, 2011

Rock Island Clean Line route unveiling delayed until 2012 October 11, 2011

Bringing power to the windless September 23, 2011

Show your support September 6, 2011

Siemens signs up for 3.5GW HVDC project to deliver US wind July 20, 2011

City OKs resolution supporting proposed 'Clean Line' project July 15, 2011

Rock Island Clean Line Video June 29, 2011

Rock Island Clean Line will help wind energy June 23, 2011

County residents get first glimpse of power line project June 14, 2011

Proposal calls for big power transmission line across Iowa June 14, 2011

Clean Down the Line June 14, 2011

Landowners question placement of proposed power line June 14, 2011

'Clean Line' Project Packs the House in Central City June 13, 2011

Public hears more about high voltage project June 10, 2011

21st century farm-to-market road June 9, 2011

What would the line look like? June 8, 2011

Potential for 21st century power road unveiled June 4, 2011

Energy Transmission Line Generates Interest June 3, 2011

New Energy in Northwest Iowa June 2011

Grundy to be wind energy hub? May 17, 2011

Energy 'toll road' may go through area May 18, 2011

Proposal would route 500-mile wind energy line near Q-C May 8, 2011

Wind power superhighway may cross Linn May 7, 2011

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