What Is REAP?

The Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) is a program of the Center for Rural Affairs focusing on small business development. REAP consists of four elements including: networking, business management training, credit (micro-loans) and technical assistance.

Technical Assistance

  • REAP staff are available for one-on-one technical assistance with business owners or managers. Businesses may be existing or startup businesses of all types. We offer:
    • Business planning assistance and trouble shooting consultations.
    • Cash flow and budget assistance.
    • Loan packaging assistance.


Micro Loan Fund Access

  • Direct Lending - Participants are eligible for loans up to $50,000.
  • REAP Online Lending System – Applications for REAP Rapid Loans up to $10,000 and loans up to $20,000 can be completed online or the online application can be used for the pre-application for business loans from $20,001 - $50,000.
  • Quick GROW Loans – GROW Nebraska members are eligible for loans up to $5,000.


Networking - Roundtable Group
A partnership is established between REAP and the local community to form a Roundtable group. Group members meet for networking, discussion topics and education. An active base of members and key contact person is critical to the success of maintaining a Roundtable group in a community.

Business Training

  • Roundtable groups have ongoing training at their monthly meetings.
  • Roundtable groups may host a REAP Business Plan Basics Training or other special small business trainings based on local interest.


REAP is funded by Community Development Block Grant assistance through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development as well as funding from the Nebraska Microenterprise Development Act, United States Department of Agriculture and the Small Business Administration Microloan and Women’s Business Center programs among others.

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