REAP Organizing 2009-2010

In the past year, REAP group formation activities have taken place in several communities. A REAP Hispanic Roundtable was formed in Lexington. A REAP Roundtable has also been formed at Columbus. And that's not all.

Several I2E Clubs are in the formation process or have been formed in Southwest/Central Nebraska at Minden, Holdrege, McCook and Hastings. I2E is the acronym for Investors, Inventors and Entrepreneur Club. REAP is partnering with the PK Partnership on the formation of the I2E clubs. We also continue to partner with the I2E Club in Nebraska City.

REAP services are available on a statewide-rural basis through both individual and group formats. Through the Center for Rural Affairs’ REAP program, communities and individuals can obtain business training, networking, small loans, loan packaging assistance, and one-on-one technical assistance. See a REAP Map with state Business Specialists and their territories.