Spotlight on Business: Difficult Economy Spurs New Venture

History seems to repeat itself, and this was evident to Rick Camacho Sr. just a year ago. He worked for a construction business that was busy eliminating departments and reducing jobs, including his. Rick worked in the Mechanical Division for HVAC & Plumbing and Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Given Rick’s involvement in this field for years in the Scottsbluff- Gering area of Western Nebraska, he knew a lot of people and had completed work for a variety of businesses. Now that Rick was looking for work again, very few companies were hiring.

With encouragement from his business contacts, Rick decided to start up his own business. He contacted Ingrid Battershell with the Nebraska Business Development Center in Scottsbluff. Ingrid was able to assist Rick with his business plan, but finding financing for a new startup with the economy and the banking industry in turmoil was proving difficult.

Ingrid contacted Jerry Terwilliger, REAP’s regional business specialist for the area, and both Jerry and Ingrid sat down and reviewed the business plan. They downsized the financial requirements for business startup to fit within the guidelines of the REAP loan program and the Scottsbluff-Gering LB840 funding program.

Applications were submitted to both programs and approved. In June 2009, Rick and a prior work buddy, Randy Scott, opened their new company known as CST Mechanical, Inc. Rick and Randy went to work securing bids and contracts for commercial jobs and expanding into residential work.

Today, CST Mechanical (The Boys in Blue), have 10 full-time employees working with the company and are expanding to other areas of the Panhandle. The company is growing, and Rick and Randy are pleased with their progress. They admit it has been a trying year to start a business, and they thank REAP for helping with the funding to get their start.

Contact Rick Camacho, Sr. at CST Mechanical, Inc. in Scottsbluff, Nebraska at 308.633.6330.

Rick Camacho Sr
Rick Camacho Sr pictured in front of CST Mechanical, Inc. in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. A REAP loan helped Rick get the business started.