REAP Staff Attends AEO Conference

Arlington, Virginia was the setting for the 2009 Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) Conference on May 16-19, 2009. Five REAP staff attended the training event.

REAP Staffers Jeff Reynolds, Dena Beck and Eugene Rahn made Congressional visits while at Washington D.C. for the Association for Enterprise Opportunity Conference.  The above picture was taken after meeting with Nebraska Third District Congressman Adrian Smith.  Nancy Flock, not in the picture, made visits with Senators Nelson and Johanns along with other staff from Nebraska micro programs.
The AEO Conference, now known as the National Summit on Entrepreneurship, presents the best opportunity for REAP staff to learn about the newest innovations in microenterprise programming, expand our skills related to existing program offerings, and network with an international audience of other practitioners, programs and funders.

REAP is a microenterprise program with national and international respect. Many of the programs in the U.S. were derived in part by examining the REAP model. This respect is totally in relation to the dynamic entrepreneurs who participate with REAP. Your participation makes REAP a great program and motivates and drives us all.

We will do our best to continue providing an innovative pro¬gram for our clients. Conference information will be reviewed and used to enhance the services our members receive. Our goal is to provide Nebraska’s rural entrepreneurs with the best microenterprise development services possible.

Contact: Jeff Reynolds, REAP Program Director at 402.656.3091 or for more information.