Manual Covers Legal Issues for Small Business in Spanish

English and Spanish editions of the Nebraska Microenterprise Handbook, “Manual de la Microempresa de Nebraska,” have been published by the Community Economic Development Clinic at Creighton University. The manual covers legal issues for small businesses, including business structure, contracts, insurance, employees and intellectual property.

Chapter titles are translated as:

  • CHAPTER 1: Perspectiva General - General Perspective
  • CHAPTER 2: Seleccion de una entidad de negocio - Business Entity Selection
  • CHAPTER 3: Contratos - Contracts
  • CHAPTER 4: Seguros - Insurance
  • CHAPTER 5: Empleados y contratistas independientes - Employees and Independent Contractors
  • CHAPTER 6: Temas de Propiedad intelectual - Intellectual Property Issues
  • CHAPTER 7: Lo que hacemos y como llegar a nosotros = What we do and how to reach us

The Spanish version can be viewed here.

The English version can be viewed here.

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