What does REAP do?
The Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) is a small business development program at the Center for Rural Affairs. REAP includes four components: business management training; a loan fund; networking; and technical assistance.

REAP is the largest full-service microenterprise development program in Nebraska and the only program that strives to serve all of the state’s rural areas.

Does REAP charge for services?
No. However, some REAP training events have additional fees. For example, in most Business Plan Basics courses, attendees are required to pay for materials.

Who is the REAP contact in my area?
Center for Rural Affairs' REAP staff are located across Nebraska to provide full service to Nebraska's rural micro entrepreneurs. Each business specialist serves a specific area of the state. We also have bilingual staff members. Find the REAP contact in your area.

Who qualifies for REAP Services?
Startup or existing small businesses physically located in rural Nebraska qualify for REAP services. (REAP can provide services and place loans virtually everywhere in Nebraska with the exception of Lincoln or Omaha. Programs similar to REAP are available in Lincoln or Omaha.) REAP is a microenterprise development program and works with small business that have 10 or fewer employees.

Does REAP provide grants to small businesses?
The REAP program provides loans and not grants. REAP does not provide grants to small businesses.

How do I apply for a REAP loan?
A borrower has several options in applying for a REAP loan. In completing loan documentation, you can 1) Fill out the application online, 2) Download the documents, fill out and send to area Loan Specialist, or 3) Call your area REAP Loan Specialist and have them mail or email loan documents. The area REAP Loan Specialist is available for one-on-one technical assistance help in completing the loan documentation.

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