Basic eCommerce Course

Hands-on Exploratory Sessions Designed for Small Business Owners

Why is eCommerce important to small businesses?
Electronic commerce is more than selling goods and services online; it's using online resources and tools to do business better - more efficiently and productively. It's about making and saving money online.

This course is for anyone interested in exploring eCommerce. You don't have to be a computer expert! It's helpful to have some basic computer skills, including keyboarding and mouse operations and to have some knowledge of Internet browsing. The eCommerce training generally runs 4 evenings, one night per week for four weeks at 3 hours per session for a total of 12 hours of training on the eCommerce subject.

Session 1:

  • Who is using eCommerce and how
  • Learn to critique electronic commerce websites
  • Understand how the Internet can be used as a research tool

Session 2:

  • Decide if you really need a website
  • Identify stages of website development
  • Identify options for hosting websites
  • Explore multimedia enhancements for websites

Session 3:

  • Identify several techniques for promoting websites
  • Use log analysis to see who visits a website
  • Identify strategies for dealing with business email

Session 4:

  • Further define your goals using the Internet in your business
  • Identify components of a business plan for eCommerce

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To arrange for a training to come to your community, contact Monica Braun, REAP Women's Business Center Director at

REAP and the Women's Business Center work in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension and the Center for Applied Rural Innovation to deliver the eCommerce trainings across Nebraska. Additional information is available from Extension eTraining.


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