Women Landowner Spotlight: Stephanie O’Keefe

Farm and Food
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Stephanie O'Keefe's farm is located outside Blair, Nebraska.

Family farming

Stephanie’s son-in-law serves as the land operator. They work together to implement conservation practices that are important to both of them.

Willingness to share experience

Because of Stephanie’s conservation practices and her existing relationship with Natural Resources Conservation Service, she accepted an invitation from the Center for Rural Affairs to host a women’s learning circle. Women of all ages gathered on her land for an educational farm tour.

Women’s Learning Circles

"The women are very resourceful in taking care of their farms. Several of them have the gift of long-time farm ownership. They have been through the weather cycles, financial cycles, and have seen it all. Also, the other women have some of the same challenges I have. It is good to learn from one another’s different ways to approach the same problem."

Pride in the land

"I love the beauty and quiet of the land during each season. I want my land to be a step, albeit a small one, toward providing land to do what it was designed to do. That is, healthy soil producing healthy plants for consumption by animals and or humans, without contamination and carcinogens."

This spotlight is funded by a U.S. Department of Agriculture Beginning Farmer and Rancher grant.