Nebraska's uninsured and the coverage gap by county

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) estimates that about 180,000 Nebraskans are without health insurance, and about 105,000 of them are employed. This map includes ACS’s five-year estimate of the number of Nebraskans falling into the coverage gap, as well as estimated percentages of working age population without health coverage and those who are employed without coverage. 

Nebraskans who fall into the coverage gap have no way to get health insurance. They don’t qualify for Medicaid – they either earn more than Medicaid’s very low income threshold (about $17,000 per year) or they don’t fit into other Medicaid-eligible categories (children, elderly, people with disabilities). They also do not make enough
income to qualify for subsidies that would help them buy coverage from the Health Insurance Marketplace. 

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