Publications about REAP

Title Issues Post date Type
The Rushmore State – Carving out a business profile Small Business, REAP Jun 11 2018 Research Publication
The Sunflower State – Assessing Our Business Garden Small Business, REAP Jan 10 2018 Research Publication
2017 Rural Enterprise Reporter Small Business, REAP Nov 17 2017 Reap Newsletter
REAP Update Summer 2017 Small Business, REAP, Rural Community Inclusion Sep 1 2017 Reap Newsletter
REAP Update Spring 2017 Small Business, REAP Jun 29 2017 Reap Newsletter
REAP Update Winter 2017 Small Business, REAP Mar 13 2017 Reap Newsletter
2016 Rural Enterprise Reporter REAP Nov 9 2016 Reap Newsletter

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