Publications about Clean Energy

Title Issues Post date Type
Respect and Restore: Reassessing Local Wind Energy Standards Clean Energy May 6 2016 White Papers
Coal to Clean Infographics, April 2016 Clean Energy Apr 6 2016 Infographics
Energy Fact Sheet: The Grid and Transmission Lines Clean Energy Aug 25 2015 Fact Sheets
Energy Fact Sheet: Economic Benefits of Transmission Lines Clean Energy Aug 25 2015 Fact Sheets
Integrated Vegetation Management Clean Energy Aug 12 2015 Infographics
Zoned Out: An Analysis of Wind Energy Zoning in Four Midwest States Clean Energy Jul 13 2015 White Papers
Midwest, Maps, & Energy Clean Energy Jun 17 2015 Infographics
Take the Next Step NPPD! Clean Energy, Environment May 26 2015 Infographics
Giving Landowners the Power in Assembling Transmission Corridors Clean Energy Apr 28 2015 White Papers
Coal Infographics, March 2015 Clean Energy Mar 27 2015 Infographics
Landowner Compensation in Transmission Siting for Renewable Energy Facilities Clean Energy May 20 2014 White Papers
From the Ground up: Addressing Key Community Concerns in Clean Energy Transmission Clean Energy Dec 20 2013 White Papers
Banking on Carbon: Policy Considerations for Carbon Payments and Sequestration in Agriculture Clean Energy, Environment, Farm Policy Apr 19 2013 White Papers
Opportunity on the Line: Transmission Remains Obstacle to Clean Energy Clean Energy Feb 7 2013 Research Publication
Small Farm Energy Primer Clean Energy Jan 12 2013 Research Publication
Connect the Dots: Transmission and Rural Communities Clean Energy Aug 1 2011 Research Publication


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