Rural Health Care Policy Advocacy

Tell the next administration that you want health care reform that works for everyone including family farmers, rural small business owners and rural people. Sign our petition today!

The Center for Rural Affairs is a member of the Health Care for America Now coalition, a national grassroots campaign to win a guarantee of quality, affordable health care for all. You can read about the campaign at

The Center's Rural Research and Analysis Program will soon issue a series of papers on unique and critical rural health and health care issues. These papers will be done in collaboration with Dr. Joe Blankenau, Professor of Political Science at Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska, and Dr. Dianne Travers Gustafson, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Topics addressed will include:

  • Effects of current federal health care policy in rural America. 
  • Health care, the self-employed and entrepreneurial economic development that benefits low and moderate-income rural people.
  • Key determinants of rural health and strategies to promote healthy behavior and invest in wellness.
  •  Needed provisions in health care reform to address unique rural issues.
  • The effectiveness of major reform proposals in addressing rural needs, particularly for low and moderate-income people, and options to refine major proposals.

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