Plains & Eastern

Oklahoma State Study Corridor Map

A map of potential routes from Clean Line, the developers of the project. A more detailed map is available here.

Stated Purpose:

Clean Line states that the purpose of the Plains & Eastern Clean Line is to make possible more than $14 billion of new renewable energy projects in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas; projects which otherwise could not be built due to limitations of the existing electric grid. The transmission development will also result in more than 2 million homes in Arkansas and Tennessee being powered by renewable energy.

In addition, the project aims to create thousands of temporary and permanent jobs, reduce harmful emissions, and allow for better use of other natural resources. As a result, the line will help secure and diversify the country's energy supply.

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Line Capacity:

3,500 megawatts

Route Description:

The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will cover an 800 mile area, originally planned to deliver 7,000 megawatts--now switched to 3,500 megawatts--of renewable energy from the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles. Clean Line Energy is currently working to forge an agreement with the Tennessee Valley Authority. There are tentative plans to extend the line to Shelby County, an area just outside of Memphis, TN, where the line will tie into the Tennessee Valley Authority system.

Though an exact route has yet to be chosen, Clean Line has expressed a desire to parallel lines already in place. An alternative option being considered focuses on following existing natural gas pipelines, appealing because landowners will experience minimal additional interference if these corridors are re-utilized. The ideal route will avoid homes and residences while minimizing any impact on historical, environmental, or strongly agricultural areas. Click here for a graphic showing the general route planned.

Development Timeline:

The project began in May 2009. Public outreach, regulatory approval, as well as permitting and siting will take place between 2009 and 2013. Clean Line expects to have a draft environmental impact study in 2014, with the approval process expected to wrap up later that year. If approval is given, construction is expected to begin in 2016,  with an in-service goal of 2018.

The first round of open house meetings took place in October of 2012, designed to allow residents to ask questions and learn more about the project. The meetings were held in ten communities near a number of potential routes that have been developed over the past two years in cooperation with a host of community leaders, landowners, conservation organizations, and various government agencies. The proposed routes also consider engineering and environmental data that has been gathered over the past two years. Clean Line discussed potential routing options and solicited feedback from community members in attendance. Public input gathered at these meetings will inform the final proposal.

In December 2017 it was announced that TVA would not form a purchase agreement with Clean Line for the project. Clean Line also sold part of the project's assets in Oklahoma to NextEra energy resources at the end of 2017.

Regulatory Process:

In May 2010, Clean Line submitted an application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to the Arkansas Public Service Commission. In early 2015, Tennessee regulators approved a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Clean Line, allowing them to operate the line as public utility in the state.

And in June 2010, Clean Line also submitted an application to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), in order to conduct business in Oklahoma as a public utility. On June 30th 2011, an Administrative Law Judge for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission recommended that Clean Line's Plains & Eastern transmission project be granted utility status within the state of Oklahoma. The judge's order can be viewed here. Utility status was granted in October of 2011.

On June 29th 2012 Clean Line applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to negotiate the rates charged to customers who use this line to transport energy. The application was approved in September of 2012. FERC approval allows Clean Line to begin selling capacity to either wind producers in the Oklahoma Panhandle or other utilities throughout the Southeast.  Significantly, approval allows Clean Line to sell 75% of the 7,000 MW capacity to customers at either end of the project, leaving the remaining 25% to the "open-season" process. FERC recently approved a similar application for another Clean Line project, Rock Island.

Pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Line will also need to obtain a Department of Energy Environmental Impact Statement before construction begins. This process, which is expected to last 18-24 months, will also require a series of public meetings led by the Department of Energy (DOE). A total of 12 meetings will take place throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee during January and February of 2013. In December of 2012 DOE published a "notice of intent" to prepare the EIS. This process will analyzed proposed routes and cooperate with other federal agencies to assess the project's impact on the surrounding environment. In the Spring of 2016, DOE approved the project.

Finally, significant concerns surrounding each Clean Line project have been raised as regulators struggle to understand how introducing a high capacity HVDC line into the greater electric grid will impact reliability. These concerns were allayed, however, as the Southwest Power Pool's Transmission Working Group passed a motion accepting that the Plains & Eastern Clean Line reliability studies completed to date have met the coordinated planning requirements. This line, along with the Grain Belt Express Clean Line project, will now be submitted to SPP for inclusion in ITP 20 futures study.


Clean Line Energy

Community Feedback:

Clean Line will hold a number of informational meetings and open houses to provide stakeholders with updates on the line, answer questions about the project, and gather comments and concerns regarding new transmission developments. As of September 2012, the company has met with more than 1,800 people in the project area. In addition, Clean Line has also held meetings with local officials and community leaders in more than 30 counties throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee. Each meeting provides ample opportunity to both learn and ask questions. Clean Line also encouraged landowners to place a sticker next to residences or other significant landmarks along proposed routes, and opened offices in some communities to answer landowner questions and provide information.

Some landowners in Arkansas have noted concerns over the possibility of Clean Line receiving eminent domain powers in the state, as well as possible health impacts and effects on property values. The Pope County Quorum Court passed a resolution in early January 2015, voicing their opposition to the project. They noted that they were concerned about the natural landscape and property values in the county.

Many business leaders and other stakeholders welcome the more than 10,000 temporary jobs and 1,000 permanent jobs this project will bring. These jobs will be tied to the operation and maintenance of both wind farms and transmission lines. Locally, Clean Line makes it a point to give businesses and contractors from nearby communities a chance to participate in the project. When possible, Clean Line is committed to using local labor, local services, and local contractors on each project. For example, approximately 1/4th of the project cost will be spent in Arkansas, hiring local firms and purchasing materials from local suppliers. States such as Arkansas will also benefit dramatically from property taxes paid annually to each individual county. The city council of Dover, Arkansas tabled a resolution to opposed the Plains and Eastern project, hoping for more information and time to review that information.

Transmission lines typically draw the ire of wildlife and conservation groups. Here, Clean Line has made a deliberate effort to reach out to environmentally-minded organizations and lessen any impact on sensitive habitat this project might have. By signing an agreement with Oklahoma conservation officials, Clean Line has agreed to protect the habitat of the lesser prairie chicken during the development of this project. Clean Line will work with the Oklahoma Department of Conservation to minimize and offset any habitat impacts when the company selects sites for a wind farm and transmission development. The lesser prairie chicken is a candidate for federal listing as a threatened or endangered species. Some landowners note that they are starting to see the return of some species like wild turkeys, and they are concerned about the project potentially impacting their migration patterns.

The Department of Energy (DOE) completed a Scoping Summary Report in the summer of 2013, using community feedback and concerns about the project from landowners or residents along the study corridor. This report will be used when DOE drafts an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project. Once the draft is submitted, the public will have 45 days to comment. The draft EIS was released in December 2014, with public meetings likely to follow in early 2015. During hearings on the draft EIS, the most common concern was property rights and the use of eminent domain. In November 2015, DOE released its final EIS for the project, noting that it would like to participate in the project and that proposed environmental protection measures for the project should avoid or mitigate any potential harm. In 2018, DOE terminated its partnership with Clean Line for the Plains and Eastern project.

Two members of Congress representing Tennessee sent a letter to the Tennessee Valley Authority concerning the project. They voiced concerns about costs to ratepayers, reliability, and the use of eminent domain to acquire easements for the line. In January 2015, the Arkansas congressional delegation sent a letter to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz requesting more time for comments to be submitted on the project. Several county boards along with the Cherokee Nation have passed resolutions requesting that federal eminent domain authority be denied to Clean Line.

Clean Energy Potential:

The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will enable $6 billion in new renewable energy project throughout the region by bringing 3,500 megawatts of new clean energy onto the grid. The CO2 savings from this project is equivalent to removing two million cars from the roads. The expected location of new wind farms will range from Northern Texas, through the Oklahoma Panhandle, into Southern Kansas. Although the Oklahoma Panhandle has significant potential for wind energy, there is currently not a lot of development because of limitations in the region's transmission infrastructure.

Importantly, the line will bring low-cost renewable energy to a region of the United States which was previously without cost effective renewable options. Arkansas and Tennessee both stand to benefit from an influx of clean, low-cost power. High-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology will be used, opposed to the traditional alternating current (AC) lines, in order to maximize both efficiency and reliability.

In the summer of 2013, Clean Line submitted a request for information to Oklahoma wind generators to estimate their need for capacity, so that they can have data on what generation can be expected by the various utilities that could be survived by the line. The project has the potential to service 15 different companies, with wind projects that can generate 16 GW of power.

In 2014, Clean Line sought and acquired an 11 year tax abatement from the city of Memphis and Shelby County in Tennessee. Despite the abatement, the Plains & Eastern project is expected to generate nearly $5 million in property tax revenue, and total tax revenue of $36.2 million. It would also create 16 permanent jobs in the area, with an average salary over $50,000 per year. The line will also support local industry, as it acquires parts and materials locally. One example is a factory in Kentucky that would provide some cable for the project, amounting to a possible $100 million contract.

Clean Line also claims that there could be a sizeable investment--up to $500 million dollars--in the state of Arkansas. One state representative noted that this figure may lack cost considerations that would make it lower. A company that would supply Clean Line with glass insulators announced plans to build a new facility in Arkansas that would create over 70 jobs in the state.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has announced plans to retire more than 3,000 megawatts worth of coal generation. The Plains and Eastern line would connect to the TVA in Memphis, and they have cited the project as increasing TVA's ability to integrate renewable energy generation.

Clean Line has recently confirmed plans to transmit power from natural gas-powered electrical sources over this line, in addition to wind.

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