Crop Insurance: How does the money flow?

Crop Insurance and the need for reform is a topic we have grappled with for roughly the last decade. That was when we started hearing from farmers across the Great Plains and Midwest about the negative impacts of federally subsidized crop insurance. 

While we believe a farm safety net, like crop insurance, is an important tool to help farmers mitigate risks, we also believe there are some real problems with the current program. This is why we created the infographic below. The current government subsidized crop insurance program is working against the very farms we all believe deserve a safety net. The program is a non-transparent, props up private insurance company profits, helps mega-farmers drive beginning and small and mid-sized farms out of business, and puts our natural resources in harms way.

That is why we will be working towards crop insurance reform. We believe and will advocate for changes to crop insurance that emphasize conservation of our natural resources, tamps down on mega-farm millionaires so we are not subsidizing their competitive advantage over beginning and small and mid-sized farms, and ensure transparency.

Through this blog series and you will find all the latest on crop insurance reform, from analysis on bills being introduced, to the latest discussions in the farm media, to visual information that explains the problem and identifies the solutions. In addition, as we develop our campaign over the coming year, you will find advocacy information to help you take action!

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Crop Insurance: How does the money flow?