Center for Rural Affairs July 2013 Newsletter

Summer heat has arrived in full force. As you rummage for a cool read, reach no further than the Center’s July newsletter. A new poll finds rural voters don’t neatly fit any ideological stereotypes. You'll also find coverage on connecting small renewable generators to the grid, shelved GMO wheat discovered in Oregon, and the Center’s leadership transition plans. Dive in!

Inside this Issue
Community Inclusion: What's the Point?
Senate Farm Bill Passes
Land Link Sneak Peek
Alternatives to Eminent Domain
Connecting Small Renewable Generators to the Grid
Rockin’ Rural and Spreading the Word
Nebraska Wind Bill Passes
Center Plans Leadership Transition
More than a Farm Wife
Center’s Board Calls for Action on Immigration
Corporate Farming Notes: Genetically Modifed Wheat Discovered in Oregon 
Polling Rural Voters

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