New Medicaid Initiative Eligible Households by Rural Legislative District

The Nebraska Legislature is currently considering LB 577, a proposal to implement the new Medicaid initiative in the Affordable Care Act. LB 577 would provide Medicaid eligibility to those with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. Included in the new Medicaid initiative would be working adults with incomes at or below the income level. Also included would be childless adults at or below the income level.

It is estimated 54,000 Nebraskans would enroll in the new Medicaid initiative. Our analysis includes the number of households in rural legislative districts with residents below age 65 and with household incomes below $25,000. This represents a conservative estimate of households that would qualify for the new Medicaid initiative in LB 577.

The legislative districts examined are those not located in Douglas, Lancaster and Sarpy counties or those that are in the exclusively rural portions of those counties. These 25 districts represent the “rural” – or maybe more accurately, the “non-metropolitan” – legislative districts of the Nebraska Legislature.

Census Bureau data show over 49,000 households under 65 in these legislative districts representing would qualify for LB 577’s new Medicaid initiative. This represents over 19 percent of the total households with residents under 65 in those districts.