No April Fools Joke: Local Control Advocates win LB 106 Vote - Center for Rural Affairs applauds the Unicameral's vote for local control over siting industrial livestock operations

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Lincoln, NE -  Yesterday, the Nebraska legislature debated and adopted a much-diluted version of LB 106, the Livestock Operation Siting and Expansion Act. Organizations that had vehemently opposed the original version of the bill, including the Center for Rural Affairs and Nebraska Farmers Union, described the end result as a major victory.

“This is a huge victory for counties and small towns as well as family farmers and ranchers,” said Traci Bruckner, Center for Rural Affairs. “LB 106, in its original form, would have simply been used as a vehicle to increasingly concentrate livestock production and threaten our quality of life in rural Nebraska. We appreciate everyone who took time to call and tell their senators to support local control and oppose LB 106. It made all the difference in the debate.”
According to Bruckner, in its original form the bill would have created a statewide matrix for use in siting livestock facilities, including expanding facilities, and take away local control – eliminating a county’s right to determine for themselves land use and planning decisions.
The bill adopted by the Legislature allows the Department of Agriculture to create a statewide matrix, but it does not force counties to use the matrix, leaving intact local control and the counties right to determine land use and planning decisions.
“The efforts of Senators Bloomfield, Davis, Sullivan, Schnoor, Kuehn and Chambers are to be commended. They worked hard to ensure we maintain local control over land use and planning decisions and their leadership drove the debate,” Bruckner concluded.
The heavily amended version of LB 106 passed the first reading of the bill (General File) without a dissenting vote. It will now advance to Select File for another vote later in the session.