Town Hall for Health Care Reform Held in Glasgow Last Night

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Glasgow, MT -Montanans for Health Care and health care advocates from MT Health Care for America Now (HCAN) led a town hall meeting at the 1st Congregational Church in Glasgow yesterday evening to stress the urgent need for quality, affordable health care for all in 2009. The town hall in Glasgow was one of 94 events being held in 44 states across the country during the April Congressional recess, Montanans gathered to tell Congress when they get back to DC, they should get to work on guaranteeing quality, affordable health care for all in 2009.
"We can no longer afford to wait to fix health care in our country. Too many families, too many businesses, too many of you are struggling to make ends meet, and no one should have to choose between seeing a doctor when they're sick and putting food on the table or paying rent," said Pastor Susan Watterson, UCC Glasgow. "It's a travesty we've waited this long, and now that we have a president who's made it a priority to achieve quality, affordable health care for all this year, I expect my colleagues in Congress to step up and do the right thing for the people they represent."
The first step to achieving real health care reform in 2009 is passing a budget resolution that mirrors the president's own financial commitment to health care reform.

"We know Washington politics are at play right now, but we need Congress to pay attention to the needs of rural small business owners, their employees and farmers and ranchers. These people are the economic backbone of rural America, and they need health care reform," said Steph Larsen from the Center for Rural Affairs in Lyons, Nebraska. "It's going to take a substantial upfront investment to make the kind of serious change we need, but we know it will be more than worth it down the line. Congress has stalled long enough. The time for bold action is now."  

Health Care for America Now - the nation's largest health care campaign - is made up of more than 850 organizations representing more than 30 million people nationwide. President Obama and more than 190 members of Congress support the campaign's principles for reform, which include quality coverage you can afford with comprehensive benefits that meet your needs, the choice of private or public health insurance plans, and equal access to care in all communities. All across the country during the April congressional recess, HCAN partners are sponsoring rallies, town halls, marches, and other events to stress the urgent need for health care reform in 2009 - reform that finally puts our health care needs before insurance company profits.
"We know as the debate heats up and the fight gets harder, the special interest will do everything they can to derail true reform. They will use their deep pockets to try to buy Congress and save their bottom lines," said Pastor Susan Watterson from 1st Congregational UCC. "Our voices need to be louder. Our passion needs to be stronger."

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