Learning to Lead in Cedar County

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Stephanie Fritz, stephanief@cfra.org, Phone: (402) 687-2103 ext. 1021
LYONS, NE -The first phase of the Learning to Lead in Cedar County Program will begin Tuesday, February 17at 6:00 p.m. with "Real Colors" presented by Jane Armstrong, UNL Extension Educator for Cedar County. This program will help participants explore their own personality as well as discover the personalities of others. It will assist in learning how to work with individuals with a wide range of personalities.
"Real Colors is a simple, effective way to learn about temperaments and personality," said Armstrong. "When we learn about our own strengths and temperaments and how they differ from others', we can communicate better and create teams which are successful because they include team members with a variety of talents, strengths and personalities, yet can work effectively together because they understand each others' preferences and work styles. Real Colors helps all participants gain insights into their own personality and enables them to communicate and work effectively with family members and team members whether in organizations or at their workplaces."

On Tuesday, March 3 the first phase of the Learning to Lead in Cedar County program will wrap up with Leadership Styles presented by Dr. Anita Hall, UNL Extension Educator from Antelope County.  She will assist participants in exploring different leadership styles. Hall will share examples in history of each type of leadership style and how it affected the decisions that have been made. There will also be opportunities for each person to personally study their own leadership style and how it is demonstrated in the work they do.

Stephanie Fritz with the Center for Rural Affairs pointed out, "The Center is delighted to help bring this leadership series to Cedar County. It's a great opportunity to gain skills and help the community." Outside grant funding is helping to finance the costs of these programs.
The deadline to register for Phase 1 is February 13. Registrations can be dropped off or mailed to the City of Hartington, Economic Development, 107 West State Street, PO Box 427, Hartington NE 68739.  The registration fee of $15 covers meals and material costs. (Registrants are asked to make checks payable to Hartington Economic Development.)

Future meeting dates are: March 17 (Connecting Generations), March 31 (Collaboration and Networking), April 14 (Conflict Management), April 28 (Entrepreneurial and Innovative Leadership), May 12 (Community Growth Matters), May 26 (Leading Local Economic Development). For more information, contact Carla Becker at devcoor@hartel.net or call 402-254-6357 or Elaine Arens at dearens@hartel.net or call 402-254-6505 or 402-254-3507.

This project is funded in part by grants from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and USDA Rural Development administered by the City of Hartington Economic Development, Village of Fordyce and the Center for Rural Affairs.

The Center for Rural Affairs is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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