Rebuild Nebraska Responds to Governor’s Tax Reform Ideas

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Lyons, Neb. - The Rebuild Nebraska coalition and the Center for Rural Affairs, a coalition member, released a statement this afternoon regarding tax reform ideas issued today by Gov. Pete Ricketts.

“Let’s call it what it is – a tax cut for the wealthy. One that will result in cuts for the programs and services that hard-working Nebraskans rely on. The reality is that middle-income Nebraskans would see little tax relief – enough for, maybe, one night at the movies.

“When faced with a tight budget, hard-working Nebraskans don’t ask for a pay cut or fewer hours; they take on a second or third job to make ends meet. Instead of cutting taxes for the wealthiest Nebraskans, lawmakers should ensure everyone pays their fair share so we can invest in education, infrastructure and public safety that will protect the Good Life and spur economic growth.”

Rebuild Nebraska is a coalition of stakeholders, non-profit organizations and individuals dedicated to rebuilding Nebraska’s families, communities, businesses, schools, infrastructure and workforce through a stable, sustainable and progressive tax system.

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