Winds of Life: Windmills across Nebraska

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Barbara Chamness,,
Lyons, NE – At 5:30 pm on March 29, 2008, art enthusiasts and fans of Nebraska-made products will gather at the Minden Opera House located in Minden, Neb.
 Ten outdoor windmill sculptures and other large pieces of art will be auctioned during the live auction. Numerous Nebraska-made items will be up for silent auction. Attendees will enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvres (from First Lady Sally Ganem’s recently published cookbook), live entertainment, and performances from Nebraska artists.

“Windmills were essential to the sustainability of early Nebraska settlement and today remain a symbol of the life and culture they enabled. The Winds of Life: Windmills across Nebraska project has evoked the same spirit and rekindled interest in the revitalization of rural Nebraska,” said Barbara Chamness with the Center for Rural Affairs and lead on the Windmill project. “The project has brought together Nebraska artists and community, organizational and corporate sponsors to create works of art depicting windmills. The project has encouraged Nebraska residents and tourists to explore country byways to view the art and be reminded that windmills not only symbolize the past but also represent the changing face of rural Nebraska,” added Chamness.

Auction proceeds will support the work of the artists and rural community development. Proceeds invested in rural development will be shared by participating communities and the Center for Rural Affairs for activities such as the Women’s Project for Rural America, whose goal is to increase rural women’s activism and advocacy for rural issues.

“This early evening event will bring together lovers of windmills, crane enthusiasts, artists, and connoisseurs alike,” concluded Chamness.

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