Value-Added Producer Grants Offered Again Soon

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Mike Heavrin, Phone: (402) 687-2103 ext. 1008 or Kim Leval, Phone: (541) 687-1490
Lyons, Nebraska The U.S. Department of Agriculture will soon announce the deadline to apply for the Value Added Producer Grants.
Once the USDA sends out the Notice of Solicitation of Applications (NOSA) the turn around is only 30 days from the notice. Therefore the Center for Rural Affairs is urging those interested in applying for a Value Added Producer Grant to go to the website: and walk through the “Applicants” link to get familiar with the application and see if they meet the qualifications.

The Value-Added Producer Grant Program awards grants to agricultural producers, businesses owned by a majority of agricultural producers, and organizations representing agricultural producers for business planning or working capital expenses associated with marketing a value-added agricultural product. Agricultural producers include farmers, ranchers, loggers, agricultural harvesters and fishermen that engage in the production or harvesting of an agricultural commodity.

The program was created to help producers expand their customer base for the products or commodities that they produce. This results in a greater portion of the revenues derived from the value-added activity being made available to the producer of the product.

“USDA’s Value Added Producer Grants help address economic decline and poverty in rural areas by helping farmers and ranchers access premium markets with new strategies like cooperative marketing of grassfed meats or processing of organic grains into specialty breads and pastas through grants for planning, marketing or feasibility studies or working capital,” commented Kim Leval, Senior Policy Analyst for the Center for Rural Affairs.

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