Land Link Sneak Peek

Goat herd in Montana Aspiring Goat Farmers Seek Opportunity: A young couple would love an opportunity to develop their own goat operation. They’re loaded with experience – wrangling, horse training, organic vegetable production, and goat ranching.

They want to learn even more about livestock breeds and profitable grazing practices. Eventually they want to build a goat herd. They’ll put them to good use too. They want to rent them out to graze invasive weed species.

Energize a Farmstead in West Central Nebraska: A farmstead situated on 167 acres on the North Platte River Valley seeks an energetic person(s). The land hasn’t been farmed in years, and the owners want to revive it. Maybe you’re the one(s) to bring sustainable agriculture practices to the small farm.

The owners want a diversified farm embracing permaculture, organic, free-range, low input, and holistic practices. Do you have experience in sustainable agriculture and a strong commitment to environmental and social sustainability? We may have an opportunity for you!

Interested in the farmstead? Know of an opportunity for these goat enthusiasts? Give me a call, 402.687.2100, or send an email to