One Stop Shop for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Beginning farmers and ranchers are quickly disappearing from rural communities. Although plenty of men and women desire to farm and ranch, it can be difficult to get started these days.

And almost as difficult, is finding where to go for help. The Nebraska Beginning Farmer Network has answers.

Beginning farmers now have a one-stop-shop for information on tax credit programs, land matching, beginning farmer loans, sustainable practices, conservation programs, legal resources and transition planning.

A website and toll-free phone number provide access to all this information. provides descriptions and websites for resources available to individuals desiring to pursue agricultural opportunities or to improve their viability in the industry.

Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) maintains the hotline, with staff who can direct people to the best resources or information.

As an organizer with the Center for Rural Affairs, I field calls every day from aspiring farmers and ranchers. I direct them to resources such as the Center’s Land Link program and Veteran Farmers Project, as well as to other resource providers in the Nebraska Beginning Farmer Network.

According to Marian Beethe with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, when farmers or ranchers call the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program for information about renting as a start to farming or ranching, they also want to know about other programs. They are very appreciative to discover the network and see it as a valuable resource to learn about all the Nebraska agriculture programs in one place!

Visit or call 800.753.9396. And if you want to know if your state has a similar network, contact me at the Center, 402.687.2103, ext. 1014.