Develop Wind Energy the Right Way

If you follow our work, you know the Center is a strong supporter of wind energy. The benefits are multiple.

Wind resources are strong in rural areas, so development means new jobs, tax revenues, and local ownership opportunities in our communities. Bringing more wind online is also critical to reducing the effects of climate change and the instability that changing weather patterns will bring to rural communities.

Our work to encourage wind development includes efforts on three fronts:

  • Encourage more wind development in state and federal policy, including policies that create ownership opportunities for people who work on wind farms and support local businesses.
  • Monitor transmission regulatory policy to ensure wind energy is given an equal ability to compete on the existing energy grid.
  • Ensure that new transmission capacity is built in high-wind resource areas.

Find more information on our clean energy work at For more information, contact Johnathan Hladik, or 402.687.2103 ext. 1022.