Leadership Development Training

Leadership is one of the most important components of community development. In fact, leaders in small communities determine the viability of their community, according to research done at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Kristina Ricketts identified four factors that determined small community viability. They all rest in the town’s leaders – effective communication, development of social capital, community engagement, and collaboration-across and within communities.

Most leadership theorists feel that leaders are not born but made, and many of the skills essential to successful leadership can be learned. Skills such as being an effective communicator, dealing with conflict, knowing how to involve all generations in community work are skills that current and developing leaders can learn.

To respond to this need, the Center for Rural Affairs has developed a partnership with a newly developed organization, Leadership Consulting Associates, that focuses on developing rural leaders. The organization consists of seven experts in the field of leadership development, all of whom have extensive experience and expertise in developing community leaders.

The associates are Doctors Dan Wheeler, Vern Barrett, Jeff Hart, Anita Hall, Heath E. Harding, Michael Huckabee and Kelly Phipps, and they offer training in many facets of leadership and skills that successful leaders need.

Examples of the types of training they offer include:

  • Full Range Leadership: Each participant receives 360 degree feedback for their leadership style, and each participant develops a short and long-range plan for improvement.
  • Working across Generations: Helps participants understand how to engage persons of all generations.
  • Introduction to Adaptive Leadership and the Fine Art of Influence
  • Understanding the Basis of Conflict
  • Creating a Vision and Mission for Organizations and Communities
  • Creating Change in Organizations and Communities
  • Identifying Community/Organizational Strengths as Pathways to Change
  • Ethical Decision Making

Leadership Consulting Associates services are available to rural communities around the country. To learn more, contact Dr. Daniel Wheeler, 402.570.6126, or visit http://www.cfra.org/leadership-consulting-associates.