CFRA Organizing for Health Care Reform

$12,100 per year.
This is how much researchers estimate the average family of four spends on health care premiums. Health care costs are rising at twice the level of inflation in 2007, and 45 million of us are uninsured. This was a significant issue in the 2008 election cycle, and we expect legislators to attempt a major overhaul in 2009. With your help, the Center for Rural Affairs will be an integral part of this discussion.

Without adequate access to quality and affordable health care, it is that much harder for rural communities to thrive. Fewer farmers and entrepreneurs are able to devote themselves to their professions because they need jobs that provide affordable benefits.

This is why we have worked on health care issues for a number of years. The Center is a member of Health Care for America Now, a coalition of organizations working to insure health care reform that works for everyone. Through this coalition, we will voice the concerns that rural Americans have about our health care system and what changes we need to see in the rural health care system.

Get Involved! There are a number of important ways you can make your voice heard. The grassroots action taskbar on our homepage has a health care petition you can sign to signify your support for health care reform that is universal, continuous, affordable, sustainable, and that enhances health and well-being. You can also share your health care stories on our blog. In the coming months, we will ask you to complete a survey on your health care needs and experiences, and organize meetings for those in the upper Midwest to discuss the challenges and opportunities of rural health care.

Together, we can be part of a solution that works for rural America.

Steph Larsen, or 402.687.2103 x 1014 for more information.


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