Grassroots Letters Supporting Microenterprise

Through the efforts of various farm bill coalitions, hundreds of letters poured into Congressional offices this past year. We are proud to share one written on behalf of rural microenterprise assistance.

Senator Robert Casey,

I urge you to support the Rural Microenterprise Assistance Program in the Rural Development Title of the 2007 Farm Bill. Please fight for mandatory funding of $20 million dollars for this program.

As you know many rural communities in Pennsylvania are experiencing shifts in their traditional economic base. Many rural families can no longer rely on farming but must develop small enterprises to supplement their farming income. These small businesses provide important goods and services to their communities and create local jobs.

Microenterprise programs reduce poverty, build communities, and give entrepreneurs vital skills they will use for the rest of their lives. These programs play an important part in helping rural communities re-focus their economic base.

Please support this important initiative.

Rachel, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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