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The best $10 I ever spent ….. John Crabtree

In 1995 I had lunch at the Iowa Legislature with a group of folks working to address consolidation and industrialization of livestock production in Iowa.

I gave $10 to join those Iowans that day and shortly thereafter began receiving the Center’s newsletter. I’ve been a donor ever since. After another year passed, I read a Center for Rural Affairs job announcement, and a few months later I moved to Walthill.

Initially I worked as an organizer, focusing on livestock market reforms. Currently, I tell the story of the Center, through the media, to hundreds of thousands across the country. And I get to talk with individuals about their gifts to the Center. I’ve worn a lot of hats here and enjoyed them all.

I give $10 from each paycheck to the Center’s endowment. It’s not much, but it adds up. I consider it an investment in the future of the rural communities I’ve called home throughout my life. My small Granary gift reminds me of that first $10, and I always think, “That was the best $10 I ever spent.”

There are many ways to make an investment in the Center that will make you feel the same way. And I’d enjoy talking with you about them.

Make your own first time gift of $10 online today. Visit this link.

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