Development Matters

I know it’s August, which is a lot closer to the middle of the year than the end. But someone, back in the day, invented the concept of the fiscal year.

As of this writing, almost 2,100 individuals have given a total of nearly $103,000 with over a month to go before the end of our fiscal year and our annual campaign. Last year we raised over $100,000 in contributions from over 2,000 individual donors. We are in the middle of a fight over the 2007 farm bill. And support from people just like you helps fund our most crucial and cutting-edge work.

We need your help again. There are many ways to contribute. Go to or call me (John Crabtree) directly at 402.687.2103 x 1010 and find out about all your giving options. Or simply send a check to the Center for Rural Affairs today.

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