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Nearly every article in our newsletter ends with an email address of a staff member you can write for more information or to comment. This is a popular feature, and many people do write in.

Now you can also leave comments about newsletter articles directly on our website. Every article that appears in this newsletter is also posted on our website, and each article now allows you to leave comments for others to read and respond to.

Blogging for Rural America

Hopefully you have had a chance to check out the Center for Rural Affairs’ redesigned website. It’s now home to our Blog for Rural America, with steady, provocative commentary and news from around the internet. These posts pull no punches – see what I mean at and in the example posts below.

Dear Senator Nelson
The following letter about the lack of competition in livestock markets was set to Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson by Center for Rural Affairs’ board member Jim Knopik. Jim was kind enough to share the letter with us for publication here as well.

Website Interns Wanted

We have openings for two interns to help build our online presence.

Website Writing: The Center publishes reports that contain a wealth of information, but are not primarily designed for web delivery. We are seeking an intern with excellent writing skills to help reformat these reports for our website by transferring current reports into HTML format and creating web-appropriate synopses of current material.

Farm Bill Payment Limits: Part 1

This post was cross-posted on the blog where we are participating in a series of farm bill blog posts.

For over 20 years progressive farm activists have fought to stop government subsidies that destroy family farming. The current system of unlimited subsidy checks for large farms increases land prices, puts family size farms at a disadvantage, and ultimately undercuts rural communities.


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