Why No One Should Miss MarketPlace

On Wednesday, February 28, 2007 people will have the opportunity to participate in MarketPlace: Opening Doors to Success, at the Ramada Inn in Kearney, Nebraska. MarketPlace is the first conference of its kind in this part of the country and will focus on how entrepreneurship and innovation can help our rural communities thrive by focusing on proven rural strategies to build assets and create economic opportunities from within.

Hope for a Farm Bill

Now that we have moved beyond the 2006 elections, our representatives will head to Washington. Chief among their duties is to pass laws, and one of the most important tasks of this Congress will be to pass a piece of legislation known as the 2007 farm bill.
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Brother, can you spare a dime?

<p>So far this summer, there have been twenty Congressional farm bill field hearings, sixteen held by the House of Representatives Agriculture Committee and four held by their counterparts in the Senate. The primary focus of the testimony and discussion at these hearings has focused on commodity subsidies and major farm program payments.
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