Center for Rural Affairs Receives Grant to Expand the MarketPlace

The Center for Rural Affairs was recently awarded $99,000 to expand our entrepreneurial conference, MarketPlace: Opening Doors to Success. The grant will allow the Center to pilot the conference in Colorado and to include curriculum for Latino entrepreneurs and Latino-owned business development in both Nebraska and Colorado.

Blogging for Rural America

Get your rural-news-and-views fix in between newsletters online at the Center’s Blog for Rural America. Here is a short excerpt from a recent post:

Asking Price: $50,000,000
We’ve written several times about the money cotton and rice growers receive from the feds. And given those dollar figures, we’ve been thinking it would sure be nice to get our hands on a good-sized cotton and rice farm, sit on the porch, drink some iced tea, and cash checks. Finally, we’ve discovered a suitable chunk of land, and if we could just get a little help with the down payment we should be good to go.

Rural Youth Summit to Help Revitalize Rural America

Participants to Meet with Presidential Candidates

The Rural Youth Summit to be held this month will connect young people from rural communities around the country to exchange ideas on the challenges and opportunities of living in rural areas. The “Rural Youth Summit: Revitalizing Rural America” will be held on October 26-27 in Ames, Iowa.

Catching up with the Senate

We’re back from a much-needed vacation, and have finally caught up with all of our other work that piled up while we were gone (“email bankruptcy” is certainly an attractive option for dealing with this sort of situation). Today we’ll have a couple of posts with an overview of the Senate process, and we’re anxiously awaiting further news on Senate farm bill progress, which could occur this week.


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