Dear Senator Nelson

The following letter was set to Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson by Center for Rural Affairs' Board Member Jim Knopik. Jim was kind enough to share the letter with us for publication here as well.

We Are Not Alone

While those of us working in Lyons spend pretty much all of our time thinking about the good old US of A, every once in a while we run across something that makes us realize, yet again, that the challenges facing rural America are often similar to the challenges facing rural areas in other countries as well. From the BBC:

Rural France Struggles to Survive

Hear Hear

For those interested, our pal Aimee Witteman has posted a well written and thoughtful essay on the farm bill at the Chef Ann blog. Here's the link-

Aimee works for the Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, of which the Center for Rural Affairs is a member.

You can also read the essay on our blog. It is reprinted in full as the first comment on this post.

Get Ready to Get Screwed

I usually try to avoid making too many public statements about trade issues. There aren't many topics more inflammatory and more contentious than WTO and the Doha Round, and no matter what you say you're guaranteed to make somebody angry. Now that's all well and good when you're ticking off the corporate ag interests, but with trade you're just as likely to tick off your friends as you are your enemies. But I had to comment on this, because I think it holds a lesson for all of those who care about farm and rural issues.

Water Issues Abound

I just finished up writing a fairly wide-ranging article for our next newsletter regarding the sound management of water resources for rural and urban areas. And lo and behold what do I see on the web the very next day but this:


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