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Building the power to shape the future of rural America

The National Rural Action Network brings your voice together with those of tens of thousands of rural citizens to contact key policymakers on critical rural issues before Congress. It is a vehicle for those who care about the future of their communities to build the power to fight for genuine opportunity for rural people and a better future for their communities.

What’s New. The National Rural Action Network is gaining momentum. In the past year, 5,000 people joined! Part of that growth is due to a new and stronger web presence. Please visit to catch the excitement online.

Nebraska Legislative Session Was Beneficial for Rural Communities

Support for community entrepreneurial development, microenterprise, and community-based energy development were high points

As we reported in the May issue, the 2007 Nebraska Legislature had the makings of a very successful session for rural issues. The legislative session has adjourned, and we are pleased to report that several of our rural development priorities received favorable treatment.

Ron Kind's FARM 21- Friend or Foe?

Yesterday, we put up a blog post detailing an interview with Congressman Ron Kind, and purposefully didn’t get too far into the specifics of FARM 21 or how we feel about it. Today, we’re putting up our analysis of FARM 21, and it didn’t turn out all that nice. But as we said yesterday, we always like to evaluate all proposals on their merits, and we hope our elected representatives do the same.

Ron Kind: Interview with a Crusader

Earlier this week, the Blog for Rural America was offered the opportunity to interview Representative Ron Kind (D-WI), the most vocal and active House member pushing for major changes in the farm bill. Of course, our answer was “name the time and we’ll be on the phone.” So yesterday John Crabtree, Dan Owens, and Brian Depew of the Center for Rural Affairs spent thirty minutes talking to Representative Kind about the farm bill, his own farm proposals, and general farm and rural policy.


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