Why We're Upset

So we're sitting in the office eating supper and watching the House floor action via C-SPAN. We're lucky that we can do so. Many rural areas don't have broadband, and the USDA broadband loan program has spent a whole lot of money subsidizing internet access in not-so-rural places already being served. Supposedly, both the House and the Senate are going to address this problem in the farm bill. I hope so.

Jeff Fortenberry

We'll mention our own Congressman for good measure. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) has promoted some excellent measures within the Agriculture Committee, but he is very upset over the tax measure providing offsets. His feelings are being echoed by all of the Republicans speaking, while Democrats are singing the Farm Bill's praises. And they don't think the offsets constitute "tax increases"

Farmers Union and Farm Bureau

Chairman Peterson is very proud of the fact that both National Farmers Union and National Farm Bureau support his bill. To be honest, it is remarkable that NFU and NFB agree on something. On the bill as a whole, we think the National Farmers Union is acting in direct contravention of its members' intent, but no matter.

Debate Begins, Peterson Distorts

Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee Collin Peterson is speaking about his farm bill.... He repeatedly is saying there's real "hard" and "soft" caps on subsidy payments.  Uh, not so much.  Nice try.

And We're Moving On to the Amendments

Thank the Lord we've moved on.  The rule governing the bil has been approved after an hour of bellyaching, partisan dogfights, and a motion to adjourn that was a delaying tactic by the Republicans.  The one specific truly bipartisan moment is Blumenauer (D) and Ryan (R) agreeing that their payment limits amendment should be considered. 

On to the amendments.  First up is the Kind amendment, which is by far the most controversial.

FYI, it now appears final passage of the farm bill is delayed until tomorrow. 


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