Take Action Today

Members of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees are working on a final draft of the 2007 Farm Bill. By acting today, you can still influence the final bill.

Call your senators or representative and urge them to work for a final bill that supports all of rural America. Call the Capitol switchboard at 202.224.3121 and ask for your senator or representative’s office. Agriculture Committee Members are especially important, but all of Congress still needs to hear from rural America.

Development Matters

The best $10 I ever spent ….. John Crabtree

In 1995 I had lunch at the Iowa Legislature with a group of folks working to address consolidation and industrialization of livestock production in Iowa.

I gave $10 to join those Iowans that day and shortly thereafter began receiving the Center’s newsletter. I’ve been a donor ever since. After another year passed, I read a Center for Rural Affairs job announcement, and a few months later I moved to Walthill.

Payment Limitation Proposals Examined

New Center for Rural Affairs’ analysis demonstrates that the income limits in the House and Senate farm bills will have little affect, other than to provide political cover for politicians who refuse to support true payment limitation reform.

Climate Change a Moral Challenge

“If scientists cannot agree on whether climate change is real, how are we supposed to decide?” asked a participant in a rural Nebraska meeting.

It is a fair question, but it should not stop us from fulfilling our responsibility as citizens of conscience to search for the truth. If predictions are accurate, climate change is the most critical environmental and economic challenge confronting our generation and one of the most urgent moral issues.

Sustainable Ethanol

One of the great pleasures of working for the Center for Rural Affairs lies in communicating with supporters, activists, and farmers throughout the country. Increasingly, the queries we receive concern renewable energy, biofuels, and, in particular, ethanol.


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