Use Your Illusion

We've been off the blog lately, consumed by farm bill research and a whole bunch of work on policy at the state level. Today (finally) we delivered a report analyzing the House and Senate passed farm bills and what they do in terms of payment limits. This is the sort of thing one has to do to be taken seriously. You would think everyone would just know that the House and Senate farm bills don't contain any real reform, given the failure of the Dorgan-Grassley amendment. Sadly, there is a lack of awareness amongst many in the media and in Washington.

Teach a Young Entrepreneur and They Will Eat for a Lifetime

This year the Center for Rural Affairs helped the communities of Albion and Fullerton apply for a Building Entrepreneurial Communities Act (BECA) grant. The purpose of BECA is to support economically distressed rural areas of Nebraska through grants that will create community capacity to build and sustain programs to generate and retain wealth in the community and region.

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