News Alert! Will Republicans Kill the Farm Bill?

Just today, House of Representatives Republican Minority Leader John Boehner announced that the House Republican Leadership would oppose the 2007 Farm Bill passed by the House Agriculture Committee last Thursday. From the Republican Leader's e-alert:

Act Now: A Critical Moment for the Farm Bill

We've written about it constantly since it happened. But let me put it plainly: last Wednesday the House Agriculture Committee struck a major blow to family farms by voting to increase subsidies to mega-farms.

When that happened, we asked you to write to Speaker Pelosi and tell her America expects real Farm Bill reform. Thanks to your efforts, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be allowed to bring an amendment to the House floor during debate on the Farm Bill this Thursday.

How to Drive Us Crazy

We spend a lot of time in the home office reading various media accounts of the farm bill process, and every once in a while we see things that cause the blood pressure to jump 20 points and give us a strong desire to go out and kick some misinformed (and occasionally malicious) rear ends.  Below is a rundown on three articles with some truly infuriating lines, and we explain why we hit the roof when we see such bunk.  We invite everyone to send us more examples of farm bill outrageousness.  Shoot an email to or stick something in the comment

The "Reform" That Wasn't

Late Thursday night, the House Agriculture Committee unanimously passed a farm bill that can only be described as astoundingly unresponsive to widespread calls for reform. That bill may be considered by the full House as soon as this week. Now that the farm bill is out of committee, Nancy Pelosi is the most important player in the process. Now Speaker Pelosi and the House Rules Committee have to choose - and that choice will say much about how they intend to govern.


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