Beginning Farmer Information Gateway

The Center for Rural Affairs developed the first-ever national linking program for beginning and retiring farmers and ranchers. Land Link began in 1990 and since has been replicated in at least 20 states and in Japan, Australia, and Canada.

Donors: Our Most Important Source of Support and Inspiration!

Thank you for your support!

People at the Center for Rural Affairs often refer to donations from our supporters as “our most precious resources.” Not only do they provide us with encouragement and inspiration, they are a crucial part of what has made the Center an independent voice in rural America for the last 35 years.

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Nothing Natural About It

We're currently asking for everyone to submit a comment online in opposition to USDA's proposed "naturally raised" label. The label would be confusing, overly broad, and almost certainly not conform to what consumers actually expect from something labeled "naturally raised".

Click HERE to go to the website and submit a comment. March 3rd is the deadline.

Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Week

Did you know that this week, February 25 - March 2, is National Entrepreneurship Week? Created by an act of Congress in 2006, the first National Entrepreneurship Week was February 24 to March 2, 2007.

Those Darn Small Towns

Evidently, those of us in rural America would be far better off if we got a big fat check to move to an urban area.  At least that's the conclusion of a book recently published by the Minnesota Historical Society.  An article published by Minnesota 2020, a new think tank, expresses the predictable and justifiable outrage:


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