Development Matters

What’s an endowment? An endowment is a collection of money that is given to an organization or institution with a stipulation that the funds will be invested to earn interest rather than spent immediately.

New REAP Hispanic Business Specialist

The Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP), a program of the Center for Rural Affairs, is pleased to announce the hiring of Nancy Flock as our new Southwest/ Central 2 and Hispanic REAP Business Specialist. Nancy holds an AS in Business Administration from Mid Plains Community College.

Making a Living on a Quarter Section

No shortage of young people want to get into farming and ranching, but few see how to afford the soaring start-up costs of land, equipment and operating capital. They are trying to compete in the same arena with established farmers with greater equity and a long credit history also looking to expand.

Opportunity Through Education

Proving that what is newsworthy is not always negative, an oil company in El Dorado, Arkansas has promised to pay the college tuition of any El Dorado student who graduates from high school. And that measure has spurred a new sense of hope and opportunity in town. First, the human side of the story:


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