All Shook Up

Today the Environmental Working Group put up their latest and greatest version of the (in)famous farm subsidy database. The new and improved database includes the latest numbers from USDA, released last fall, known as the “1614” database, after the section in the 2002 Farm Bill that required its release. The entrance to the database will be at

Misc. Farm Bill Update

We now have a schedule for the rest of the House farm bill process. The Nutrition Subcommittee will mark up this Thursday, June 14th at 10:00am Eastern. The commodity subcommittee will mark up the following Tuesday, June 19th, also at 10:00am Eastern. And the full committee- where the sparks could very well start to fly- begins consideration of the 2007 farm bill at 10:00am on June 26th, and will go until the 28th (at least). Chairman Peterson has also said he has a guara

Fruits + Vegetables= Payment Limits?

While the Center for Rural Affairs is located in the Midwest, we do our best to keep tabs on agriculture and rural communities everywhere. For a general view of the mainstream produce industry, and how it feels about the farm bill, I recommend Tom Karst’s blog Fresh Talk. Earth-shattering stuff? No. But it is a good overview and a good place to put in the old RSS reader so one can stay up to date on the fruit and vegetable community.


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